Carepod featured in Refinery 29

Carepod featured in Refinery 29

The fastest-growing digital media company that covers everything from fashion to beauty, and to lifestyle industries— Refinery 29 recently featured Carepod as their most wanted home room humidifier in 2023.

Their Most Wanted series help their audiences navigate the overwhelming world of stuff and they're in a never-ending quest by hunting the perfect product to review for their audiences and consumers.

In addition, they also maintains a comprehensive resource library of fashion tips, beauty tutorials, and tech tools and reviews.

Karina Hoshikawa, one of their senior writers, has mentioned that her sinuses have never been happier, thanks to this chic humidifier. She also described Carepod as a game-changer in his book because it is resistant to mold and bacteria due to its stainless steel components.

"A rock concert couldn't wake me up once I'm conked out, but even a light sleeper was able to get a good night's sleep as the Carepod ran overnight. When I woke up the next morning, I did feel like my throat and sinuses felt normal (i.e. not begging for water), but my skin felt more or less the same," she added.

Funny how you'll realize as you grow older that there are some essential things that you might actually need in your home- a humidifier is a great example. Not to mention the dry and harsh feeling brought to us by the cold winter weather.

Humidifiers like Carepod are essential in homes with dry air, as they help to maintain humidity levels in the air. This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can help to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, such as the common cold. Lastly, a high humidity level can also help to make rooms more comfortable, as it is known to reduce the symptoms of dry air conditions such as asthma.

Your skin will really thank you for having one!