Carepod's Partnership with SoClean

Carepod's Partnership with SoClean

Carepod was created to bring better living through hydrated air to everyone across the world. It powerfully fights the dangers of dry indoor air through hydration. Invented by a doctor, Carepod is the first of its kind that can be sterilized, leaving it safe and 99.99% germ-free.

From day one, our goal is to make lives better, and we hope to find partners who share this vision. SoClean reached out to us for partnership and we are pleased to announce that our collaboration with SoClean is now official.

SoClean was founded over a decade ago to provide products that help people breathe cleaner and easier. They provide better sleep quality with clean air.

They made it fast, easy, and foolproof. They pioneered a new way to get rid of the bad things that eyes can't see and gave millions of customers peace of mind so that they could sleep more soundly.

Based on the credibility of true innovation, we will work together and use our innovation and expertise to improve people's lives and their health in a holistic, comprehensive manner - through the power of a better clean.

You can shop Carepod One on SoClean website.