Carepod Launches Bestselling Cube and Mini Humidifier Models in Australia

Carepod Launches Bestselling Cube and Mini Humidifier Models in Australia

Carepod, known for its award-winning lineup of premium, doctor-invented humidifiers, is excited to announce the launch of its Cube and Mini models in Australia — just in time for the winter season. 

Carepod Cube and Carepod Mini will soon be ready for delivery all across Australia at the end of May. The brand’s latest expansion marks another step in its mission to provide cleaner, fresher air to families and health-conscious individuals around the globe.

Carepod is best known for its original patented classic Carepod One model, widely recognized as “the world’s cleanest humidifier.” Featuring an innovative three-piece design and a water tank made of premium grade stainless steel, these dishwasher-safe components can be sterilized in boiling water to eliminate 99.99% of mold and bacteria. 

The Cube and Mini, Carepod’s latest additions to its Australian product lineup, offer unique features for those with specific needs and preferences. Carepod Cube delivers powerful performance for larger areas and features both cool mist and warm mist options, while Carepod Mini provides a portable, flexible solution for smaller spaces, ensuring comfort anywhere in the home.

All Carepod humidifiers come equipped with an intuitive touch control panel, providing three adjustable mist levels and a built-in timer with intelligent auto-shutoff. 

The groundbreaking Carepod humidifier design was first invented by CEO & Founder Dr. Hyung Joo Kim, motivated by concern for his wife and daughters who were struggling with the hazardous conditions of difficult-to-clean humidifiers on the market. 

Under Dr. Kim’s guidance since 2015, Carepod’s team of Korea-based engineers have been dedicated to surpassing the standards of ordinary humidifiers, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to health and wellness. 

Now, Sean Kim, the Director of Carepod US, is excited to launch the Carepod Cube and Carepod Mini models in Australia. “Bringing the Cube and Mini to Australia marks another big milestone in Carepod’s journey, “ said Sean Kim, “We’re excited to expand our reach and help more people around the world experience the benefits of cleaner, healthier air.”

To date, over 70,000 families and individuals worldwide have welcomed Carepod into their lives. As the dry winter season in Australia approaches, Carepod recognizes the importance of maintaining healthy, hydrated air and remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing wellness and comfort in homes all-year round. 

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About Carepod

Carepod is dedicated to bringing happier, healthier living to the world through its innovative humidifier solutions. Small yet powerful, the Carepod humidifier helps health-conscious families and individuals achieve refreshingly hydrated air indoors.

Made of only three pieces using premium-grade stainless steel that can be protected against bacteria through 99.99% sterilizability, the Carepod humidifier is perfect for fighting symptoms that are caused or exacerbated by dry indoor air, like allergies, coughs and more. 

With its minimalist, sleek design, the Carepod humidifier fits in beautifully anywhere indoors, at home or in the office. Find Carepod’s award-winning products at