Carepod Wins the 2022 International iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for Carepod Cube X50

Carepod Wins the 2022 International iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for Carepod Cube X50

The company’s latest humidifier model, created to hydrate larger indoor spaces, continues Carepod’s mission of providing clean, refreshed air – all while breaking new ground in design. 

Carepod Cube X50 is designed in the form of a streamlined cube with legs, featuring a modern aesthetic that makes it perfect for any interior setting. Any excess element has been stripped away, leading to a thrillingly minimal cube that feels as beautiful to operate as it is to look at. Even Carepod Cube X50’s control settings are arranged in a subtle, press-to-use panel on top, with a row of elegant light indicators.

No matter where it’s placed, the contemporary humidifier looks at home everywhere. Even without an additional support base, such as a nightstand or shelf, the humidifier serves as a standalone stylish element as it refreshes and hydrates the dry air of any room.

Carepod Cube Design Award 2022

The Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award also acknowledges that innovation of design applies to the entirety of Carepod Cube X50, inside and out. 

Unlike the majority of humidifiers, Carepod’s latest invention features easily detachable parts that can be 99% sterilized, from the stainless steel tank to the lid. Its revolutionary functionality is an answer to consumer struggles with ease of cleaning when it comes to typical humidifiers on the market. This level of thoughtful usability is inextricably built into Carepod Cube X50’s design, making the humidifier remarkably easy to maintain and care for long-term.

“We are honored to have Carepod Cube X50 recognized by iF Design and Red Dot, two prestigious international competitions,” said Dr. Hyung Joo Kim, President and Founder of Carepod. “It has been our dream from the beginning to make everyday healthy living as simple and easy as possible for all communities. Our commitment to good, intuitive design while fighting dry air will always be key to that mission.”

The IF Design Award, organized in Germany, is one of the most prestigious design awards globally, reviewing entries from 57 countries in 2022. With a focus on excellent design and social significance, the iF Design Award prizes transparency and fairness by a panel of international experts that have included prominent designers like Dieter Rams, Richard Sapper, Franco Clivio, Stefan Dietz and Paola Picasso. Past recipients of the award have included BMW Group, Fujifilm, Google, Midea and Bosch.

The Red Dot Design Award is also a prominent, well-known international design competition, reviewing over 18,000 entries yearly from 70 countries. For decades, product, brand and communication designers have sought the distinction of the “Red Dot”, a seal of quality for good design across a range of fields. 

Carepod Cube X50, with its innovative, groundbreaking design and expanded capabilities for hydrating larger indoor spaces, will be launched on October 14, 2022 and available to consumers via