Now Offering a 2-Year Extended Warranty on Oscillators

Now Offering a 2-Year Extended Warranty on Oscillators

We're proud to have been featured in Wirecutter by The New York Times! They said Carepod was the "easiest to clean", as well as one of the most powerful humidifiers out of the ones they've tested. They also called it "sleek, simple, and effective".

However, they raised a concern about the oscillator piece, as the one that was sent to them cracked after use. 

The model we had sent over in the summer was a test production model, which we no longer produce. Our QC was also ramped up to ensure something like that doesn't happen again.

Carepod is now making a pledge to ensure that the humidifier you receive exceeds expectations. That’s why we decided to provide a 2-year extended warranty on the oscillator with free shipping! (yes, it’s the white wand-like piece pictured below).

Every Carepod undergoes a quality check to ensure that the product is up to standard, but our warranty guarantees that you will be taken care of even if there is a problem. 

Carepod humidifier white oscillator wand piece