8 Home Decor Trends to Watch in 2024

8 Home Decor Trends to Watch in 2024

With the new year, it means ample opportunity to start fresh, whether you're replacing old appliances, taking on a small home redecoration, or just spicing up your space.

There's arguably nothing more exciting than searching for "the next big thing" of the coming year.  As a team that deeply cares about aesthetics, we've been keeping tabs on the 2024 home decor trends all season.

Now that the New Year has finally arrived, we can't wait to share our eight favorite home decor trends of the year with you. Whether you're looking to do a space refresh in the months ahead, or just curious about what 2024 brings for interior design, look no further.

Let's dive in!

Trend #1. Warmer Hues

Post-pandemic, we're all spending much more time in our homes. Lately, people have been gravitating towards creating comforting, homey spaces as opposed to the elegant, yet slightly sterile interiors that have been popular over the last decade. 

In prioritizing comfort and familiarity, a warmer color palette is coming back into style. If you're considering repainting a room, perhaps look to a nice, earthy shade like Benjamin Moore's Antique Pewter. Opt for a gorgeous chocolate brown couch or some oak side tables if you're getting new furniture. 

You might be worried about these warmer hues creating a space that feels cavernous and cramped. The key to avoiding this is embracing natural light and simplicity. The less clutter, the better.

Trend #2. Fewer Open Floor-Plans

You likely remember the open floor-plan craze of the late 2010s; we know we do. Another consequence of the pandemic over the past few years is that people crave smaller, more intimate home arrangements.

Most of us don't want to be taking our Zoom calls from the kitchen, while our partners cook dinner. Almost every nook and cranny of our homes is getting used, and many are looking to have separate rooms for different functions. And so, walls are back in.

In 2024, reconsider the function of each of your spaces.

If you have a tucked-away corner that you can repurpose for a new hobby like knitting or collaging, consider transforming it into your new crafting area. If you're working from home most days, think about ways to redesign your home to create a separation between work and relaxation.

Man on laptop in home nook

Trend #3. Minimalist Tech

Yes, we know what you're thinking... how is "minimalist tech" a home decor trend? But with new advances in appliances, technology is being integrated into our homes more and more. Think about our Amazon Alexas, which double as our own personal home AI and speaker systems. Or how about the trendy air fryers of years past?

With tech becoming more ingrained in our lives, we have to consider how this decor fits our home aesthetics. There's nothing more irritating than an unattractive or bulky appliance disrupting the visual appeal of your living space.  

In 2024, tech is becoming sleeker and less presumptuous. At Carepod, we make sure to design our premium humidifiers to blend into your decor and fit perfectly into your home's aesthetic.

bedroom with Carepod Cube

Trend #4. Tiles with Personality

A home decor trend that we're sure to see in 2024: tiles that make a statement.

Tiles are a fantastic way to breathe new life and intrigue into your space. They can fit into homes in fun and unexpected ways, whether you subscribe to the ceiling tile trend or want to try a new dramatic pattern.

In particular, handmade tiles with unique flairs are something to look out for in the coming year. One type we expect to blow up in 2024 is zellige tiles, a handmade, glazed terracotta tile that originates from Morocco. Hand-cut and molded with local clay, each zellige tile emerges from the kiln with a unique look. No two look the same.

Looking to try something new in your home? Experiment with tile placement. Perhaps you can make a beautiful tile archway or statement wall.

Trend #5. Mixing Metals

No, we're not talking about jewelry (although playfully mixing silver and gold jewelry is another trend that has skyrocketed recently!). When it comes to decorating your kitchen and bathroom, selecting your fixtures is a big decision. 

In the past, if you settled for copper hardware, everything had to be copper. Now, however, mixing metals and experimenting with materials is coming into style.

Feel empowered to experiment with a beautiful nickel fixture, even if you have brass faucets. No need to make sure your cabinet hardware matches your faucet. As long as they do not overly clash with each other, you're all set!

Mixing metals in kitchen

Trend #6. Serene Minimalism

Sure, we had a brief stint of maximalism in the past couple of years with bright colors, cramped gallery walls, and shelves flowing with trinkets. However, this 2024, we're set to find our way back to soothing minimalism.

This minimalism is different from the white, sterile minimalism of the past. Instead of spaces appearing hospital-esque, decor should promote mindfulness and functionality. Embrace warmth, bold patterns, and color to breathe life into your home. Just make sure to lean away from unnecessary clutter. 

Serene minimalism is one of our personal favorite home decor trends at Carepod. Our humidifiers are minimalist to their core, without any unnecessary or bulky parts to distract the eye.

Trend #7. Curvy Furniture

This design trend is one that's sure to take center stage in the coming year. Straight lines are out, organic shapes are in.

What does this mean exactly? Well, you might be used to the typical rectangle coffee table. Yet, new to the wealth of home decor staples are furniture pieces with flowy, curvy shapes. 

Rounded furniture like curved sofas, sloped arms, and barrel chairs are popping up everywhere. We know you're likely not doing a big rehaul of your furniture; however, don't be afraid to incorporate smaller irregular shapes and accents to your space, with smaller-risk items like wavy mirrors or bulbous vases.

Trend #8. Bold Hues

We could not finish this list without giving at least one shout-out to a beautiful new trending color of 2024. Sure, design experts are predicting earthy tones and warm neutrals as the palettes of the year, but for the more dramatic, bold hues is also another direction to go in. One standout for us is deep purple. 

Beautiful deep purples, like eggplant and plum, provide personality and intrigue to spaces while maintaining a sense of comfort and simplicity. While in the past millennial pink and pastels were in, deep purples provide a gorgeous shift to maturity and sophistication.

Etsy announced that one particular shade to look out for in 2024 is the pinkish-purple 'Berry.' This shade is highly romantic, with a sophisticated, gender-neutral sensibility, and sure to catch any guest's eye.

Bedroom with deep purple wall


2024 provides a variety of new home design trends to look forward to experimenting with in the coming year. Remember, while this list includes plenty of decor ideas, this is your space to play around with. 

Whether you're looking to add a few new features to your home or you're completely starting from square one, don't be afraid to try new things!