Fact or Myth: Common Misconceptions about Humidifiers

Fact or Myth: Common Misconceptions about Humidifiers
We have to admit, some of us think that having a humidifier can help in our home surroundings plus it adds aesthetic with its minimal shape and the mist it produces. Others think to only use it when they’re feeling under the weather. Nowadays, we tend to search online for product specifications to know every detail before we purchase it. But the internet has a whole lot of circulating myths that limit the buyer’s experience and ability to purchase the best one. 

Here’s what you need to know regarding the truths of all the misconceptions about humidifiers, take a look:

Humidifiers only help you when you have cold symptoms

MYTH. Though it may sound like a fact, humidifiers can help alleviate cold symptoms. Every doctor’s advice is to run a humidifier, adding moisture to one’s room is really beneficial on a daily basis. Generally, you don’t have to use a humidifier simply because you are unwell. And yes, humidifiers are great especially when you have a cold, but they can also help with many other things as well like dry throats, dry eyes and skin, snoring, runny nose, congestion, asthma, allergies, etc. In addition, it can also help babies sleep better. Not just for the people inside the house, but to your indoor plants that suffer in dry climates and winter season, humidifiers can help maintain their healthy condition.


Humidifiers benefit animals at home

TRUTH. Just like us humans, our pets can also be sick at some point. They can also have the symptoms that we’re having like sneezing, runny nose, and coughing. Research says that humidifiers are highly beneficial for your pets plus it won’t harm them in any possible way. But take note, if you’re having a warm mist humidifier, that’s when us pet owners must be really careful because these humidifiers operate in a tank with boiling water and it only takes a wag of tail for your pets especially when they’re excited to cause something harmful, that’s why it suggested having cool mist humidifiers if you have a pet. But least to say, nothing beats having  peace of mind and being at ease if you know that both you and your family members together with your pets are safe and sound while having a humidifier.


Humidifiers can help eliminate home odor problems 

MYTH. A part of this is true, but humidifiers are not there to solve your slack of bad hygiene. Who would want to have a smelly house? Doesn’t mean that you have one, you will let your stale food over time, garbage rot, and still expect to have a pleasant atmosphere. It is your responsibility to mitigate the odor pollution in your home. If you’re not going to solve this odor problem, it will just add up to it by masking it with more humid air making it hard for the odor to go away, thus resulting in other bacteria and mold problems around your home.


Humidifiers can help furniture last longer

TRUTH. This is really a common misconception but when you place it in a right and ideal position, properly maintaining its humidity level setting, thus it can help your furniture at home last longer. Some woods or flooring that are exposed in dry places can shrink, split, or even cause cracks. One thing to remember is that you should place a towel or mat under your humidifier, that’s one good way to protect any furniture from damage.


You don’t need a humidifier if you’re residing in a humid climate area

MYTH. It is common to have an air-conditioning system if you’re living in a humid and warm climate area. But just because you’re in a humid environment, doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need to have a humidifier. The humid air outside might not be the same as the air inside. This AC system dries out the air in rooms especially when your home is sealed for long periods of time, that’s why having a humidifier can play a huge role for those people who are exposed to dry air. 

And that’s it! Some of the things you need to know and consider when buying humidifiers. Don’t get taken in by myths, do your research before you buy one. Using Carepod, we promote hydrated air for healthier, resilient living in shared spaces all across the world.

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