Perfect Valentines Gift 2023

Perfect Valentines Gift 2023

Valentine's Day is all about finding the perfect gift to spark romance in your relationship for everyone who has a significant other. While the independent, career-driven singles are likely to splurge on themselves, they may also be shopping for the other special someone in their lives, such as their mothers, friends, sisters, or furry companions.

There is no rule book on what to buy or not buy on Valentine's Day, but the list is expected to include flowers, jewelry, and chocolates, accompanied by a quality time or a greeting card.

While these gifts are appreciated, don't we all agree that it's more fun to give a gift that will be most useful to our partners or ourselves?

We thought long and hard about what exactly makes a good gift for someone who makes our world a happier place (this could be yourself too), and came up with the list below.

Here are some valentine’s day gift ideas for him—

Sweater - we suspect your man is missing some sweaters from his closet that you "borrowed" and never returned. Don't worry, we're not judging; your man's clothes are often more comfortable, aren't they? So, I believe it is only fair to give him a sweater to compensate for the ones you held hostage. We recommend going with a classic color that will look great on him (and maybe on you too..)


Night out on the town - sometimes it’s really hard to think of a material thing that can be given to your partner– a quick getaway can be a solution for this. Try to book a weekend trip with your partner and do outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing, etc. Sparking an adventure is something that a man would really enjoy.


Surprise gift - take your man out and let them get what they want from their favorite or go-to store and just treat them with that. They would really appreciate the thoughtfulness and how spontaneous it is. This will definitely make their day.


Valentine’s day gift ideas for her—

Having a special dinner - perhaps taking your significant other into your ‘not-so-usual-go-to-place’ to have dinner would be an awesome way to celebrate this valentine’s day. A special menu or even a wine that matches your palate would be an awesome way to spend your valentine’s day with your partner. But we can also suggest cooking for your special someone- that’s what makes it special, creating a special dish that you can share with each other.


Photo Print - if you've been buying each other gifts for a while, you might be running out of ideas. We recommend prioritizing sentimental and unique Valentine's Day gifts, such as a personalized photo print. This gift will undoubtedly bring back happy memories for you and your partner, with the promise of capturing more loving moments in the future.


Romantic gift - flowers and chocolates are the traditional romantic gifts to your significant others but we suggest taking it to the next level by giving something unique and personal that your partner can and will treasure. A music box, a collection of date night journals, a cassette tape of both your favorite recordings or songs would be perfect suggestions for the said gifts, though it’s not a bit usual but surely, it will mean a lot to them.


Nice card or note - special made notes for your girl is super lowkey but truly heartwarming gift this season. Expressing your love for her through words can mean so much to them. You can also give a book or suggest a movie that you and your partner can enjoy reading and watching together.


However, as previously stated, Valentine's Day is about more than just lovers; it is also about friendship, familial love, and self-love.

A day dedicated to love is a time to celebrate platonic relationships and to express love to oneself. So here are some ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for yourself or for a friend or relative.

Day at the spa - sometimes it’s really essential to give and reward yourself with this kind of gift. You can never say how terrible can your work week be and it’s okay from time to time to give yourself what you deserve. Pamper. Take a day off. Breathe.  A special message, facial treatment, or even nail care treatment can be done this valentine.


Skincare essentials - it’s good that we prioritize our health and we can consider this as a practical gift. Things like sunscreen, moisturizers, or humidifiers can make a difference in having the essentials. Carepod humidifiers can be a great addition to this list, especially since we’re still in the last days of winter, why not make the most out of it and just treat your skin extra special? Your skin will really thank you for doing the right decision in prioritizing your health.


Homemade gift - self-care and self-love are really a thing this year and why not do things on your own, right? Try doing things for yourself this valentine’s day. Create something special like finishing 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, baking your own cookie or cake, play with colors and paint a masterpiece. There are a lot of ways to do and give yourself. Always remember- all you have is yourself.


Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple or as an individual, it is important to remember that this day is all about love. Gifts are a wonderful way to express our emotions, but the act of loving extends beyond fancy things wrapped in fancy paper adorned with hearts. 

Love may mean different for everyone but it is a universal language that our brains might not be able to translate but our hearts understand. 

Happy Valentine’s, everyone! Don’t for get to stay hydrated!