Carepod Featured in Architectural Digest

Carepod Featured in Architectural Digest
A leading authority on design and highly regarded by architects, designers, and design enthusiasts alike— Architectural Digest recently featured Carepod as one of the best humidifiers for every season.
This magazine feature provides expert advice on home renovation and decorating, making it a go-to resource for anyone interested in design. Its content has helped to shape the world of design and has influenced trends in architecture and interior design for over a century.
Terri Williams, one of their writers included Carepod in the shop smart segment and recognized it with the best sterilization feature. She admits that at first, she thought it was more tedious to clean but she liked the fact that there was no mistaking how clean it was.
She also mentioned that thoroughly cleaning your humidifier is very crucial to ensure that mold doesn't start growing inside the unit and that it can negatively impact air quality and make sinus conditions worse.
Humidifiers like Carepod are essentially a great addition to your home. With the added moisture to the air, you'll find that some of your most annoying health woes will disappear such as dry skin, sore throats, stuffy nose, etc.
Fortunately, unlike other humidifiers in the market, Carepod remains to be the first humidifier that is easiest to clean with just three simple steps and it's 99.99% sterilizable.