Carepod Featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Carepod Featured in Better Homes & Gardens

A website that provides a wealth of information and inspiration for home and garden enthusiasts— Better Homes & Gardens recently featured Carepod as one of the best humidifiers of 2023.

Jamie Weissman and Erin Mayer, both of them tested and reviewed Carepod and mentioned that it has a very simple, intuitive design that puts it above other humidifiers that they've tried.

Additionally, they found no bacteria cultures present after their testing which impressed them considering the rooms were tested in and that had not recently been deep cleaned.

Carepod is really extraordinary in three radical ways— it's simple award-winning design that takes only 3 pieces to take apart and clean, it is refreshingly easy to clean and sterilize and that has no hidden filter cost, and most importantly, infuses indoor air with just the right amount of hydration to keep you and your family feeling happy and healthy.

In their own words, this is what Better Homes & Gardens had to say: 

"The Carepod One is a sleek, almost stylish pick with a few special features that make it worth the splurge. Developed by a doctor, this option puts special emphasis on sterilization for better air quality. It has a very simple, intuitive design that puts it above other humidifiers we tested.  

Instead of a disposable filter, it features a removable oscillator, water tank, and lid cover—the oscillator can be washed by hand with soap and water, and it’s recommended to soak the other pieces in boiling water to sterilize them. While the humidifier is certainly on the expensive side, we appreciate that it saves on filter costs down the line. We found no bacteria cultures present after testing, which impressed us considering the rooms we tested in had not recently been deep cleaned.  

We detected a noticeable difference in the room’s moisture level in as little as five minutes, and though there was a vapor cloud, we didn’t find it to be as cold as some other cool mist models.

The Carepod is also very quiet, with no discernible sound from the mist, though we did pick up on a steady drip that might be distracting if you’re using it in your bedroom.  Operation is simple, with just three buttons for power, mist, and the timer.

How It Performed After Six Months  

We continued testing the Carepod in our bedroom over six months and we’re still happy with its effectiveness and ease of use. While we haven’t had the chance to use the device daily as we’ve been testing it at home during the spring and summer, we found the unit especially helpful when we caught a cold: our throat felt less scratchy and dry after using the humidifier overnight.  

We also appreciated that the water lasted multiple nights so we didn’t have to regularly refill the tank. However, we did need to place the device on a shelf 10 feet from the bed as we found it too powerful for a nightstand humidifier."

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