Carepod Featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Carepod Featured in Better Homes & Gardens

A website that provides a wealth of information and inspiration for home and garden enthusiasts— Better Homes & Gardens recently featured Carepod as one of the best humidifiers of 2023.

Better Homes & Gardens offers articles and tips on home decor, organization, cooking, entertaining, and gardening. It also includes a variety of DIY projects, recipes, and how-to guides.

Overall, the Better Homes and Gardens is a trusted source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in creating a beautiful and functional home and garden.

Jamie Weissman and Erin Mayer, both of them tested and reviewed Carepod and mentioned that it has a very simple, intuitive design that puts it above other humidifiers that they've tried.

Additionally, they found no bacteria cultures present after their testing which impressed them considering the rooms were tested in and that had not recently been deep cleaned.

Carepod is really extraordinary in three radical ways— it's simple award-winning design that takes only 3 pieces to take apart and clean, it is refreshingly easy to clean and sterilize and that has no hidden filter cost, and most importantly, infuses indoor air with just the right amount of hydration to keep you and your family feeling happy and healthy.