Carepod featured as Forbes 'Best Humidifiers in 2021'

Carepod featured as Forbes 'Best Humidifiers in 2021'

We were recently featured in a Forbes article, and we’re super excited about it! Forbes wrote about the top 9 humidifiers that can turn your home “into a moisture-filled oasis”, and Carepod is honored to be one of them.

The article mentions how Carepod is great for bedrooms, and is simple to use with cool-mist technology. They said, “With its compact and stable body and whisper-quiet operation, Carepod Stainless Steel Humidifier is the perfect humidifier to add to your bedroom.” They also said, “Its simple and sleek filter-free design means that clean-up would be a breeze—something many humidifier users struggle with.” We pride ourselves on being one of the easiest humidifiers to clean on the market.

All in all, we’re honored to have been featured in a magazine as prestigious as Forbes. Our mission is to bring better living through hydrated air to everyone across the world, and this brings us one step closer to doing just that. We can’t wait to see what’s next in our journey ahead.

If you'd like to dive into the article for yourself, you can find it here. Let us know what you think!

PS - to celebrate this win, we’re giving everyone who uses the code “YAYCAREPOD” at checkout 10% off site-wide!