Carepod featured in Gadget Flow

Carepod featured in Gadget Flow

Being the original product discovery platform for staying up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns— Gadget Flow recently featured Carepod as a cool gadget on their website. 

The Gadget Flow keeps you updated with the best launches. This website is self-sustained and growing rapidly on a yearly basis and hundreds of consumer electronic products are released weekly. 

Genevieve Healy, the one who discovered and featured Carepod on Gadget Flow described Carepod having an award-winning patented construction that allows simple maintenance and that is easy to clean with just having a 3-piece design.

According to her, this hybrid ultrasonic cool mist humidifier requires no filter and is safe for everyone— including if you have little babies in your home. 

She gave Carepod a 9.3/10 Gadget Flow rating and mentioned that Carepod is a simple and easy-to-clean humidifier for everyone that supports the immune system and alleviates cold, allergy, and flu symptoms by hydrating the dry air.

Indeed, having a humidifier in your home can really make a difference in your overall health and wellness. Not just by hydrating your air during the dry season but it pulls moisture back into the air to improve dry, itchy skin and help it retain that hydration.