Carepod Featured in theSkimm

Carepod Featured in theSkimm

theSkimm, a trusted resource that breaks down the news and trends that impact women, recently spotlighted Carepod.

According to this publication, Carepod is one of the best, must-have hydrating products to keep one's skin soft and glowing during the winter season.

Here is what theSkimm had to say about Carepod:

"It’s not rocket science — if the air around you is dry, your skin will be dry, too. This stainless steel humidifier pumps the room with hydration to help with dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Plus, it’s filterless and easy to clean (all three pieces are dishwasher-safe), so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew."

Carepod press mention in theSkimm

About the Publication

theSkimm is a digital media company, dedicated to succinctly giving women the information they need to make confident decisions. Everyday they break down the news, trends, policies, and politics that impact women so that they can navigate their daily lives and futures – from managing their paychecks to casting their ballots – with confidence.