Carepod featured in Well+Good

Carepod featured in Well+Good

Well+Good recently featured Carepod as part of the genius products that *aren’t* skincare but will keep your skin from drying out during the winter. 

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During this harsh dry winter season- a humidifier can be really essential that helps fight dry air and the effects of cold weather. As per dermatologists, humidifiers are actually super beneficial to have in the house because it releases steam into the air, delivering moisture to our skin and environment. 

According to Kayla Hui, the author of the feature article, Carepod is doing the trick— that releases the cleanest, most refreshing steam while you go about your day.  Carepod is proven to reduce the spread of allergens and other grossness you don’t want to be breathing in. 

Unlike any other humidifier in the market, Carepod skips the filter- that means you won’t get hooked onto a monthly filter subscription plan to keep your humidifier free of germs. Not to mention, Carepod humidifiers are easy to clean in a simple wash and can be sterilized, leaving it safe and 99.99% germ-free.


Truly, your skin and lungs will thank you for doing your part in keeping hydrated air indoors for happier, healthier living, and sharing it with everyone across the world.