Carepod’s Price Changes in April 2022 to Support Commitment to Quality

Starting on April 18, 2022, Carepod’s sale price will increase in response to the rising costs caused by the pandemic. At Carepod, our team is fully dedicated to our mission of better, hydrated air for all. We will continue striving for quality across the board, from our customer service to our products. In support of our commitment, Carepod’s price will increase from $220 to $250 per unit. Shipping will remain free for anywhere in the U.S.

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Carepod Featured in Livestrong
Livestrong recently featured Carepod as one of the best humidifiers for colds, dry skin, and allergies - specifically, the quietest humidifier. They mentioned how quiet Carepod is, despite the power it carries. We were also praised for how easy it is to clean, and the fact that we have a 1-year warranty (& a 2-year warranty on oscillators).
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Carepod Featured in Verywell Health
The Carepod Mini (21P) model is also gaining attention from the media. In December, the Carepod One was featured in Livestrong as the quietest humidifier on the market. This time, Verywell Health highlighted the Carepod Mini as one of the 6 best humidifiers for dry...
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