Over 50,000+ Sold

5 Irresistible Reasons Why This Humidifier is the Hottest Thing for Your Home

Introducing Carepod: The Award-Winning, No-Nonsense Humidifier You Won't Want To Miss Out On

  • "One of the first devices l have come across without filters, [making it] easy to clean and much easier to recommend."

    "Easier to clean than any other humidifier we've ever tested"

    "It's so whisper quiet, you may not notice it running"

  • "A safe choice for homes with kids and/or pets. Oh, and it's invented by a medical doctor"

    "Its stainless-steel interior — can be 99.99% sterilized with boiling water."


Amp Up Your Immunity

Wave goodbye to cold, flu, and allergy troubles with Carepod. By moisturizing the air in your humble abode, the Carepod reduces congestion, coughing, sinus issues, and even puts up a barrier against pesky viruses. Your family and fur babies will give you a standing ovation. 


Cleaning Made a Piece of Cake

Say "adios" to other humidifiers that come with icky filters and a hefty price tag for replacements. Carepod is here to save the day with its filter-free and stainless steel interior design. Cleaning this beauty is a walk in the park—just grab a sponge or boil it for 99.9% sterilization. No grimy build-up, no moldy surprises, and no subscriptions to drain your wallet.


Tech That Makes You Go "Wow"

Carepod combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Customize your perfect humidity level with its three mist speed levels. You can even set a timer for complete peace of mind, ensuring your Carepod operates according to your preferences. And the best part? It operates whisper-quiet, making it ideal for undisturbed sleep.


Crafted by a Doc & Super Dad

Carepod was born from the brilliant mind of Dr. Hyung Joo Kim, a health guru and superhero dad. Faced with his family's dry air struggles, he took matters into his own hands to create a humidifier that's a cut above the rest. Now, he wants to share the joy of breathing fresh, clean air with everyone!


Safety First, Fun for All Ages

Relax, Carepod has got your back. It annihilates 99.99% of those nasty bacteria that love to party in humidifiers, without any need for filters. That's right, it's a hassle-free zone! This makes it the perfect humidifier for any room, even those filled with little mischief-makers and adorable munchkins.

Over 50,000+ Sold

Carepod One: The World’s Cleanest & Simplest Humidifier

3-piece dishwasher safe design for hassle-free cleaning.

Stainless steel anti-mold interior for 99% sterilization.

Enjoy better breathing, improved sleep, and healthier skin.

See how Carepod makes cleaning easy.


The oscillator, water tank, and lid cover pop out of the main body with ease. You are now ready to clean.

Scrub or boil to sterilize

Wash the oscillator by hand with soap and water. Fill the water tank with filtered water and place the stainless steel lid cover inside. Boil 1-2 minutes for 99.9% sterilization.

Refill & enjoy.

Snap the pieces back in place, fill with water, and you’re ready to breathe fresh, clean air in your home once again.