Finding the Perfect Humidifier for Your Room

Finding the Perfect Humidifier for Your Room

A humidifier is one product where bigger and stronger isn't always better. Humidifiers that can't get enough moisture into a room won't help with cold-weather ailments like dry and itchy skin. A humidifier designed for a larger space, on the other hand, can create excessive moisture and will generate a wet environment that feeds dust mites and mildew while also provoking allergic reactions.

If your purchase is not suited in the area that requires humidification, as a consumer, most likely you’ll be unsatisfied with your purchase—and perhaps jeopardize not just your health but your family’s health as well.

And with a number of options in the market with humidifiers coming in different types - like whole-house humidifiers, and portable and floor models, we do understand if it is a little overwhelming to find the right one to remedy your dry homes.

So we've compiled a list of things to think about before bringing home a humidifier to help open up your nasal passages and fight against airborne viruses.

Which one is the right for you?

Size does matter

When looking for different kinds of humidifiers to alleviate dry spaces, the first thing you should do is measure the area where you intend to put them. As we all know, there is an infinite number of humidifier models in the market, and knowing where to put them would help you decide on what humidifier size you should be purchasing. 

Carepod offers three humidifiers, each categorized by room size, beginning with the Carepod Mini. The Mini is designed for areas as small as 350 square feet, while the Carepod One is next on the list which is significantly larger than the Mini and is best suited for 500-square-foot rooms. The Carepod Cube is the most powerful and can cover rooms up to 600 square feet in size.

Functionality-wise, placing your humidifiers in some locations according to your needs can have health benefits and can improve indoor air quality thus resolving some issues.


What’s your type

Next to consider when buying a humidifier is its type of mist. Humidifiers add moisture to the air in a variety of ways and come in a variety of mist options, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

However, these devices require work on your part too, and if utilized improperly, can actually have damaging consequences. Read here.

A warm mist humidifier, for example, uses a heating element to heat the water and release it as warm, pleasant moisture into your room. They require somewhat more electricity than other types of humidifiers because they heat water to boil, but the boiling process eliminates bacterial growth and pollutants before they can be discharged into your room.

Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, produce a room-temperature. They also either use evaporation or ultrasonic waves.

Evaporative models have a wick and a fan to aid in the evaporation of water. While ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate the water to create mist. Ultrasonic humidifiers also are considered a more quiet operation compared to evaporative models. Ultrasonic humidifiers typically have a water tank and an oscillator, or vibrating element. It generates high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations that split up the water into small water droplets. These tiny particles, ranging in size from 1 to 5 microns, are then released by the device and evaporate into the air as mist, delivering air humidity to your surroundings.

Cool humidifiers are beneficial in a variety of ways. They are designed to fit into larger spaces, making them ideal for living rooms and other common spaces. They supply moisture to the air while using less power than warm mist humidifiers. They are also generally safer for people who have pets or children.

The third type of mist is referred to as hybrid humidifiers. This type has two settings, as the name suggests: cool- and warm-mist settings. 

Both the Carepod Mini and the Carepod One are cool-mist models. In comparison, Carepod Cube is a hybrid ultrasonic humidifier. It uses the same oscillator technology as the previous models, but it includes hybrid capability.

The Carepod Cube has two modes: warm mist and cool mist which can be switched easily with a push of a button.

As mentioned, most warm mist humidifiers produce hot water and use a heating element, which can cause unintended scorching and make them dangerous when children are present. But the warm water also helps in making sure that your humidifier is not a breeding ground for germs. This unit is equipped with an ultrasonic oscillator, creating mist safely by heating the water at a low temperature- putting your mind at ease compared to conventionally-heated options out there. Like the previous models, it also has three mist levels that can be adjusted easily.

Furthermore, because the Carepod Cube is an ultrasonic humidifier, it consumes less energy than evaporative humidifiers. Humidifiers account for around 0.11 percent of all power utilized in U.S. households, according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The type of humidifier you select will influence how much energy it uses. A cool-mist humidifier uses 136% more energy than an ultrasonic type.

Ultrasonic humidifiers utilize around 44 kWh of power, which is much less than the 80 kWh consumption of cool mist and the 220 kWh consumption of warm mist. These are some factors you might need to consider if you are someone who is looking into energy efficiency.


Easy to maintain

Anything in life needs to be taken care of for it to last. The same is true with a humidifier. Another element to consider while selecting one is the ease with which it can be cleaned and maintained.

Routine cleaning which includes regular cleaning of the water tank to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and hazardous bacteria, as well as checking water vapor ports, are just a few procedures to ensure that your indoor humidity is maintained. Dirty humidifiers can easily affect moisture output resulting in multiple health risks.

Many cool mist humidifiers typically include an internal wick filter that must be changed on a regular basis. Fortunately, none of the three Carepod types require a filter. It includes a sponge-like filter that can be brushed and cleaned on a frequent basis depending on usage, but it does not require a monthly subscription for filter replacement. Carepods are refreshingly easy to clean and sterilize because we know you don’t need that extra cost on top of everything else you’re balancing.

Aesthetically pleasing

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it doesn't hurt if your console models look nice on your nightstand or add a touch of sophistication to a space. When dealing with dry air, humidifiers can be highly beneficial. Unfortunately, some humidifiers can be pretty unsightly, but Carepod does offer humidifiers that look as nice as they operate.

Carepod now provides three variants, all of which are well-designed, sleek, and have a small footprint.

All of the unit's features are packaged into a very tiny compact, allowing users more positioning possibilities than with larger units. It's also visually appealing enough to be left "on show" in a room.

Carepod Mini sports a clear heavy-duty plastic base, Carepod One has a streamlined compact circular design, and Carepod Cube has a mostly white color palette with well-defined corners and its own stand. All models have minimalistic buttons situated on the top lid for better visibility. Each model has its own appeal, so you'll be able to find your soon-to-be favorite humidifier.


To wrap it all up…

Before you go out and buy a humidifier, you should be sure to get one that is able to cover the size of your room, adaptable to your lifestyle, and most importantly- simple to clean and easy to maintain.

Here’s a quick guide to our products’ specifications that can be useful for your shopping.

Carepod Mini

Carepod One

Carepod Cube

Product Model








Mist Power

250cc / hr

300cc / hr

350cc / hr Ultrasonic Mode

440cc / hr Heating Mode

Coverage Area

350 sq ft

500 sq ft

600 sq ft


4.53’’  x 11.4’’ x 9.33”

10.82” x 10.23” x 9.30”

9.84” x 9.84” x 11.81”





100W(warm mist)/29W(cool mist)

Power Consumption



29W (Ultrasonic Mode)

100W (Heating Mode)


Ultrasonic cool mist

Ultrasonic cool mist

Ultrasonic cool or warm mist




34°C ~ 40°C


3 levels with built-in timer

Run Time

Level 1 : 20 hours max

Level 3 : 10 hours max

Level 1 : 30 hours max

Level 3 : 10 hours max

Level 1 : 32 hours max

Level 3 : 12 hours max



Unit Price




Hope this helps you in finding the perfect humidifier for your dry spaces. And just remember– no matter which type of appliance you’re looking to buy, every decision should start with a similar thought process and all factors must be considered before anything else.

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