How to store your Carepod humidifier

How to store your Carepod humidifier

We usually save money to invest in good home appliances and it will be disheartening to realize that if we do not take adequate actions in taking care of them, these assets can and will be broken at some point. One great option to prevent this from happening is to keep it properly stored.

Depending on what type of appliance you’re planning to store, it is critical to prepare them properly to avoid future damage. Many of you might feel that storing our home appliances prolong their life, but the key to extending their life is to make sure to know the right way of storing them safely and securely to avoid mishaps while they sit idle.


Carepod is a great companion, especially during the winter season when the humidity level drops. But then come summer, might as well give your Carepod a well-deserved break.

The question now here is, how will you store it so that you can utilize it again, as fresh as it was before, during the upcoming dry season? Here are some measures you should take in storing your Carepod humidifier.

1. Disassemble: separate any parts that are detachable (upper body).

    • Remove the oscillator from the hinge.
    • Remove the stainless steel cover from the upper part of the body and the silicone.

      2. Cleaning: every detachable part should be cleaned as per storing.

        • Filter - Press the filter button to detach the filter cover and then remove the filter. Clean it with water then pat dry. Place the filter back in its original location.
        • Oscillator - Wash it gently and thoroughly with a cleaning brush (a regular toothbrush can be used for cleaning).
        • Stainless Cover & Tank - we recommend placing the tank and the bottom part of the lid in a basin of boiling water for just 1-2 minutes to sterilize it. This safe process allows you to clean and sterilize these two components without needing the use of chemical products.


      How to clean your humidifier: It's a simple 3 step process that saves you time and effort, requires no chemical disinfectants, and results in 99.99% sterilizability.



      3. Storing: Find a place to store your humidifier. If you still have the box, use it to store your Carepod. Just remember to cover and protect. Use a breathable material such as a tarp or sheet to shield your humidifier from dirt, dust, or accidental scratches. Please keep the product at room temperature and avoid putting it in a damp area and direct sunlight. (Photo from: @kbeautyinsideout's Instagram)


      One storing misconception was mentioned above, but as a friendly reminder, every home appliances are designed to be used to maintain its best condition. Refraining from using it may result in damage, rather than a long life. Always remember to store with caution.