Why do we need a humidifier during summertime?

Why do we need a humidifier during summertime?

Summer is perfect to spend time outdoors. Most people might think that summer would be their preferred season- considering it to be the best because there’s so much to explore when we get the chance to step outside and just enjoy the summer sun. 

This season not only brings the warm weather but we get to experience a higher level of humidity which can help us feel more comfortable after months of dry and parched winter air. Though it may seem to be counterproductive to have a humidifier during summer, you might be surprised to know that there are some important uses of humidifiers in our home during this summertime.

Here are some benefits of humidifiers during summer:

  1. Air can still become dry when temperatures get hotter. Causes of dry skin are more prevalent in hotter seasons, making summer a culprit of parched skin. Humidifier gives us relief to combat this irritating feeling on the skin. Also, do not forget to always hydrate yourself during this warm season.

  2. During the hot season, we tend to use air conditioning systems at all times. As the temperature rises outside, thermostats indoors lower. AC can dry out the air we breathe inside and with the use of a humidifier, it adds moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe and bringing comfort to living spaces.

  3. Pollen counts are higher during this season. A combination of temperature and wind levels causes pollen levels to increase and spread into some areas because warm days make plants release pollens. It can be a nightmare for those people who have seasonal allergies. Humidifier gives relief from allergy symptoms by keeping the air humid enough to inhale thus making oneself comfortable.

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  4. It can boost your mood and can help you work more efficiently. Humidifiers provide better ventilation and can help you feel better when you work (specially work-from-home people).

  5. When you use a humidifier with your AC, you can actually save money. With cooler air inside your home, you can raise the temperature of your AC, thus lowering your electric bill. It's a win-win, preventing allergy symptoms while saving money.


Let’s face it, humidifiers aren’t just for the winter season. The use of humidifiers can still bring benefits even though the temperature is warmer and the air is heavy. It keeps the indoor air cool and properly dampened. Not to mention, this machine can help alleviate symptoms from seasonal allergies and help prevents dehydration for the skin, nasal, and respiratory passages that actually cause dry skin and nosebleeds during summertime. 


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