How to Assemble Carepod One

How to Assemble Carepod One

Carepod One, our premium, filter-free humidifier for homes and indoor spaces, is simple and easy to assemble, for fresh hydrated air all day long. If you've taken apart your Carepod for cleaning, here is a step-by-step guide on how to easily put everything back together again.

How to Assemble Your Carepod One

1. First, lay out all the parts.

There are five: the main Carepod body, stainless steel water tank, inner lid cover, white wand, and silicone seal.

2. Push in the silicone seal.

This will look like an orange ring. Gently press it into the inner lid.

3. Next, attach the inner lid cover.

4. Secure the inner lid with the white center knob.

5. Place the water tank inside.

Align the lip of the tank with the lip of the main body.

6. Lastly, plug the wand into the inner lid.

You're all done, and ready to go!