How to Choose the Right Number of Carepods for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Number of Carepods for Your Home

Carepod is more than just your typical humidifier. Engineered in Korea, with a revolutionary filter-free design invented by a doctor to prioritize simplicity and cleanliness, Carepod is a premium lifestyle choice for those who value health and wellness. 

Humidifiers improve the quality of your living space by combating dry air. A quick search shows the number of benefits they can provide, such as relieving cough and congestion, fighting allergy symptoms, and even helping you sleep better at night.

If you're looking into purchasing a Carepod, you're investing in a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

A common question is: how do you make sure your entire home is well-humidified? 

After all, most portable humidifiers have the ability to hydrate a small living space, but what about the rest of your home? Should you buy a separate humidifier for every room? And what’s going on with “whole-house” humidifiers?

Read on as we dive into some of these questions (and highlight why Carepod is a great option for your entire home). 

Does My Entire Home Need to Be Humidified?

While it's not absolutely necessary to have every single area of the house humidified, it's recommended to maintain hydrated air in the places where you spend the most time. 

For example, a humidifier in the bathroom or basement might not be needed, but having one in your bedroom and living room would be beneficial. 

If you’re truly looking for full coverage of your home, a central humidifier, also known as a  “whole-house humidifier,” is an option. This type of device is attached to your home's HVAC system. 

The benefits: it's a way to ensure that your entire house receives humidity, it’s quiet and hidden away, and it’s linked directly to your plumbing, so no need for refills. 

However, a whole-house humidifier can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars upfront for both the humidifier itself and its setup, which may require professional installation. Plus, maintenance can be a hassle at best and a danger at worst. Mold and mildew growth, air leaks, and other problems are common with central humidifiers. 

If you're looking to keep your home well-hydrated without going through the cost, hassle, and potential risks of a whole-house humidifier, the better option is to purchase several portable humidifiers and match them to different living spaces. 

Of course, these devices come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are tons of options when it comes to mixing and matching them to fit different parts of the house. 

Here, we'll explore how to do that with Carepod's line of premium humidifiers, which complement each other perfectly to ensure better air for your home and your family.

How to Match Carepod to the Room

The Carepod lineup includes three unique, premium filter-free humidifiers, each designed for specific needs and spaces. Let’s find the ideal Carepod humidifier for every room in your home.

Carepod One, our award-winning, bestselling model for fresh, clean air, is designed to hydrate up to 500 square feet. This is perfect for medium-sized living spaces and individual rooms such as bedrooms and home offices. Offering flexible settings, Carepod One is also perfect for smaller spaces like nurseries or kids’ bedrooms, especially if set to a gentler mist level. 

Carepod Cube is our most powerful and versatile humidifier. Featuring both cool mist and warm mist options to hydrate over 700 square feet of coverage, it’s well-suited for larger open areas like living rooms. However, the adjustable mist settings allow it to easily adapt to bedrooms, offices, and other living spaces.

Carepod Mini is our revolutionary humidifier design in its most compact form- bringing the benefits of clean, hydrated air into the coziest of small spaces. Designed for smaller rooms up to 360 square feet, it’s perfect for a kid’s room or nursery. 

How Carepod Hydrates Air Better

While all humidifiers provide a number of health and wellness benefits, here's why Carepod stands out as the best option for health-conscious individuals.

Doctor Invented

  • Dr. Hyung Joo Kim, alongside a team of Korea-based engineers, set out on a mission to completely reinvent the humidifier – creating a far cleaner and safer option than those on the market
  • The result: Carepod, an award-winning humidifier with an innovative, filter-free design bringing fresh, healthy air to of over 19,247+ homes around the world

99.99% Sterilizability

  • Say goodbye to dirty humidifiers and hello to the world’s cleanest 
  • The main parts of a Carepod humidifier are all dishwasher-safe and can even be rinsed in boiling water.
  • This allows for 99.99% sterilizability, higher than that of any other brand.
  • Plus, the water tank (for Carepod One and Carepod Cube) is made of 100% premium-quality stainless steel, helping to prevent any mold or bacteria growth.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

  • No more wrestling with secret nooks and crannies – Carepod humidifiers feature a simple 3-piece design that’s easy to take apart and wash in a matter of minutes.
  • All Carepod humidifiers are equipped with a simple intuitive panel of mist settings and a built-in timer, allowing you to customize your experience
  • No filters that trap dangerous bacteria, germ or mold 

What Others Say

Below are reviews from customers who have transformed their own homes with Carepod. 

We love our Carepod! The air in our apartment is so dry. We used to wake up feeling like we were dehydrated. With the Carepod humidifier, we no longer feel that way. Today, we have 3: one in our toddler’s room, one in our living space and one in our bedroom.” - Esther S.

“Love this humidifier. I've looked into so many different ones and tried many different ones previously. They were all plastic and got moldy no matter how hard I tried to clean them. But the Carepod is ELITE! This is the only humidifier that is truly easy to clean and sanitize (due to its unique style and design).” - Jessica L. 

“I bought the 2 pack of the Carepod One stainless steel humidifier after using the Canopy humidifier for a few years. I got sick of the filter subscription and wanted something simpler in design. I’m very impressed with the Carepod. With two Carepods, the humidistat is reading at 48-50%. These humidifiers have made a noticeable difference. I can breathe easier, my dry eyes are no more, my curly hair is very happy, my skin is moisturized, and I feel amazing. I’m so glad I took a chance on these humidifiers. The price had me worried but I’m very pleased. It’s easy to take apart, hand wash, dry, and put together. So glad we tried Carepod.” – Hannah W.

“We have Carepods in all 3 of our bedrooms. It’s been a life changer! It has helped my family through many sicknesses and relieved dry skin and allergies for all four of us. It truly is the best humidifier out there especially because it does not need a filter.” – Sharon T.

“We love Carepod! It has good output and is the easiest to clean humidifier I’ve ever had! Because you can clean it so easily, it seems much more sanitary than the standard humidifier with nooks and crannies that have bacteria in them. We live in Denver and when I run the humidifier in my child’s room it’s typically around 40% humidity, in this very dry climate! I highly recommend.” – Kathryn H.

Next Steps: What’s My Right Number?

Ready to breathe fresh, healthy air at home every day? Explore our lineup of premium, filter-free humidifiers at and find the perfect match for your home.

In the end, choosing the right number of Carepods simply depends on the number of rooms you want to fill with fresh, hydrated air. Some customers have introduced three or more humidifiers to their home, while others are happy with just one. 

So whether it’s ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep in the bedroom, maintaining comfort in your child’s nursery, or enhancing air quality in the living room, there’s a Carepod for wherever you need it most.